Commercial Boiler Servicing and Boiler Maintenance

In addition to our residential boiler installation, servicing and repairs, Boiler Repair Glasgow also have years of experience in the commercial boiler sector. Our commercial gas boiler services include: servicing, inspection, all repairs and certification for both commercial boilers in Glasgow as well for industrial capacity boilers. Areas covered are Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Central Scotland.

What is Defined as a Commercial Boiler?

Any boiler with a power rating of 70KW and higher is classified as a commercial boiler. All inspections, boiler servicing, or repairs that’s required can only be carried out by a specialist and highly trained Gas Safe engineer with the appropriate commercial gas qualifications and certification.

Our entire team of commercial heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered, and are highly experienced in commercial boiler systems. Our clients rest-assured that they’ll receive an extremely high level of service and expertise, leaving all commercial boilers operating safely, efficiently, and reliably. Any work undertaken will always be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring the boiler warranty remains intact.

The Importance of Boiler Maintenance

For any business to operate smoothly, both staff and customers need a healthy working environment. One that has heat and hot water available on demand. Those rely on a fully operational boiler and requires safety to be top of mind to give business owners and staff the ultimate peace of mind.

For workplaces, we recommend a servicing maintenance programme for your boiler. The reason being that with scheduled maintenance being conducted regularly, the boiler will be functioning correctly, be safe, work to its optimum capacity, and of course, it increases the longevity of the boiler. With a scheduled boiler maintenance service, there’s a lower risk of a complete boiler breakdown, which lowers business overheads for replacement parts or in the worst-case scenario, a replacement boiler.

It is not recommended to wait until a poorly functioning boiler completely fails before replacing it. Should you feel your boiler isn’t working the way it should, or it’s behaving differently, have it looked at.

A poorly maintained boiler can be dangerous to both staff and the public. A well-maintained boiler on the other hand – that’s safe, works efficiently and in the end, lowers operational costs.

The Types of Businesses that Operate a Commercial Boiler

It’s highly probable that if your type of business is on the list below, the premises will be operating a commercial boiler unit, and therefore, need a specialist heating engineer for any type of work to be conducted on it.

  • Educational facilities (school, college and university)
  • Event venue
  • Factory
  • Hotel
  • Industrial units
  • Office
  • Retail outlet
  • Shopping mall
  • Sports centre
  • Warehouse

Included in All Commercial Boiler Services

Boiler Repair Glasgow’s commercial boiler inspections are extensively thorough and comply with the Gas Safety Registered Standards. In addition to industry best practice, we also work with leading manufacturers and follow their recommendations.

  • All key components of your boiler are inspected and fully tested
  • A thorough risk assessment will be conducted
  • A flue combustions test is included and dependent on the results, any adjustments will be made when necessary
  • All safety devices will be checked to ensure they’re operational and if required, adjustments made
  • The operating pressure will be checked and adjusted where necessary
  • All exposed pipework leading to all appliances will be visually inspected
  • Boiler ventilation inspection
  • Remedial repairs can be carried out
  • Upon completion, a Commercial Boiler Certificate will be issued

All commercial boiler care, maintenance and repairs must be undertaken by an approved commercial heating engineer, who is qualified to the relevant standard of the Gas Safe Register ensuring he/she is approved to work on the system.

All Boiler Repair Glasgow commercial heating engineers are experienced on commercial systems, carry the relevant commercial gas qualifications, and are Gas Safe Registered and approved to work on all types of commercial boiler systems.

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